Sown On Purpose Represents The Essence of Good Ground!

Sown On Purpose is a renowned business consulting firm. Unlike our competitors, we understand that our clients were created from greatness to accomplish great things in their lives and businesses.

Any business leader will tell you that the road to business success is never without seen and unseen challenges.

To lessen your challenges and help you gain an understanding of business, Kimberly Collins created Sown On Purpose. As an MBA graduate, I understand the important connection between business relevancy and innate talents. This level of experience is what gives Sown On Purpose the competitive advantage over our competitors.

While working along side Sown On Purpose our clients to learn applicable ways to execute strategically in their business. 

NO MORE wasted funds on unqualified "business coaches" or "business consultants" that only take from you but never come through for you! 

It's time for you to finally Reap what you have Sown!

Whether you are an aspiring, new, or seasoned business leader; Sown On Purpose can guide you along the road towards profitability.

Make the decision today that your business will not be the next one to fail! 

Rest assure Sown On Purpose will not let you leave our presence without having a clear plan of action that was specifically designed to help you reach the next level in your business journey!

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  • To provide business entities with strategic leadership training programs that facilitate personal competency and retention 
  • To aid business entities in developing monetary plan of actions that increase sales and conversions
  • To teach business entities how to leverage in-house talents to build stronger business foundations and relationships

Our Vision

The vision of Sown On Purpose is to provide small business owners and corporations with strategic business solutions.