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Life can make you feel like you are losing. Social media and "reality" television will have you thinking that everyone except you are having a winning season. In this episode, I will show you not only what you lost but how to get it back.

In this episode of The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds I will discuss 5 key reasons why believers are no longer being drawn to attend weekly services in a physical church location. 

In this episode of The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds you will hear about a few self confirmed lies that church folk tell themselves and others to keep from telling the unadulterated truth. 

What is this show all about? In January 2014 Kimberly Collins gave birth to her first live stream show entitled The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds. Six months on the scene it became an internet radio show and has continued as such until April 2018. Per God's instructions and her listeners requests Kimberly Collins is now entering the show into the podcast arena. Once again, the journey continues.