Minister Timothy Williams

Bless you as well, Kimberly Collins The Educated Natural! I tuned in to YouTube, and listened to the discussion! Very profound! Very interesting! Keep up the GREAT work! Sending love to you from NC!! Much deserved! And yes, I have NO DOUBT that your mother, and Grandparents are smiling at you! You make ME proud of you! I really mean that! Keep shining, for, someone is being lead out of darkness be your light! I will tune in again when ever you post a time and date! I Love You, lil sis. Peace and Blessings.

Arian Tyson

Strategically known as "The Educated Natural", Kim and I have become friends who were drawn together through business and video marketing (which I was not aware until recently). She is the founder of TEN Marketing, LLC; now known as Sown On Purpose. They say your network determines your net worth and since we connected, my net worth has increased! She is a woman of faith with an awesome story. A chain reaction has started for me because I reached out to her telling her how much I love her weekly show, "The Journey: A Meeting Of The Minds." I have discovered to my surprise that she thinks very highly of me and I was honored to recently be a guest on the show. I thank God for how we were brought together and for making the decision to share how much I enjoy watching her operate in her passion. I always laugh when she gets on me for saying that right now I am getting practice for when I speak on a stage. She believes right now that I am stage ready! She has been a blessing to me already and my prayer is that I can be a blessing to her as well. I appreciate you Kim. Keep doing what you what you love to do!

Angeline Lawrence

Kimberly Collins is detailed-oriented and always follows through on her commitments.

Cheranissa Roach

Kim is an amazing women whose mission is to help as many people get to the top as she ascends there. She is open to helping others be their best as well as sharing her platform. So thankful to have met her.

Danielle Boose

Kimberly Collins brings to the industry wisdom, passion, and genuine compassion for others. Her background is impressive but what I appreciate most is her integrity and ability to educate while empowering other. In the short time that I have known her, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her skills through live demonstrations on Blab as well as on her weekly show via her website. Many people claim to have expertise in areas of marketing. However, she displays her skillsets throughout various platforms. If you are struggling with marketing and ready to get to the next level in your business, contact Kimberly!