Launching A Podcast

Do you know where to start?


Why You Need A Podcast?

The main reason you need a podcast is because not having one is costing you revenue and credibility. With podcast listeners increasing daily, it would be wise to be in a marketplace where your voice can be undoubtedly heard.

What Is A Podcast?

In order to understand what a podcast is you have to envision your favorite radio show. Think about sitting in your vehicle and enjoying your favorite song or message playing through your stereo system. Although you can’t see the person behind the microphone the sound of the audio manages to fully captivate you. Well, this is the baseline nature of podcasting. Theoretically, a podcast is spoken words that are put into a series of downloadable audio files that can pertain to an unlimited amount of topics. Simply put, consider podcasts as downloadable radio shows with limitless possibilities.


How Are Podcasts Beneficial?

There are numerous benefits of having a podcast. Here are our top six reasons for starting a podcast:

  1. You are in full control of all your podcast content.

  2. You decide where your podcast episodes are available.

  3. There are no podcast episode time or show limits.

  4. You can schedule your podcast as a daily, weekly, or monthly show.

  5. Your podcast is downloadable; which gives your guests and listeners that on the go accessibility.

  6. There are over 75 million people a month that listen to podcasts. See report here.


Are You Ready To Begin?

Lucky you! You have arrived at the right place. We are here to take the guesswork out of multimedia by quickly getting your message in front of an eagerly awaiting audience. All you have to do is create your content and we handle all the technical stuff for you. If you would like to hear a sample of our work, we’ve included the link to our global podcast The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds. Click here and enjoy.

To begin this process, simply schedule an appropriate day and time below for us to contact you about starting your own podcast.

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Podcast Coaching

Do you need guidance through the process?

Why You May Need A Podcast Coach?

Do you already have a podcast and are struggling to get it in front of a larger audience? May you need guidance on which equipment to purchase, how long a podcast should be, where to begin,..etc.? Regardless as to what your specific podcasting needs may be we are here for you. Sown On Purpose helps to alleviate all the confusion and places you on the road to podcasting faster. Simply contact us for a more in-depth discussion about podcast coaching.


Media Etiquette

Do you know how to sound and look great in media?

Master Your Media Presentations

Maybe podcasting is not for you. How about media training?

Allow me to explain…

Have you every been scrolling through live streams on social media thinking to yourself…

I really wish this person would stop eating, smacking, staring uncomfortably in the camera waiting for viewers, and ultimately wasting time doing an unprofessional looking live stream.

Trust me, we have all been there. This is why Sown On Purpose now offers training in live stream and media etiquette.

Whether you are live on camera or creating a podcast there are certain skills you need to know in order to captivate your audiences attention in a more professional way.

Upon completing our training there have been reports of an increase in viewer watch times and completion rates.

Although we can make no guarantees in reference to your individual show rates; I just wanted to share with you what others have reported back to us.

Learn more about our media training by contacting us below.

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