Why Are We Focused On Multimedia?

This is a loaded question to honest with you. Originally multimedia; especially podcasting, was not on our radar. For Sown On Purpose the main focus pertained to personal development and mindset. Then it happened. In 2019 God called us into a deeper relationship with Him and a business shift took place. Okay who am I kidding? He shifted everything personally and professionally.

Everywhere I went, Christian men and women were approaching me to discuss their life journey and spiritual walks. It was as if people were looking for a better way to alert others that they are not alone in any aspect of their life. Yet; they found it hard to find a viable place for them to do so.

Many had tried social media platforms; but were negatively impacted by constant algorithm changes that led to demonetization and a loss of well organized content.

So instead of just inviting these powerful Christian men and women to share their stories on our podcast, God instructed us to do something bigger and better.

Welcome to the new and improved Sown On Purpose; where we specialize in multimedia. This includes podcasting, live-streaming, and radio shows.

This is the place where you control your story and we help you get it out before a worldwide audience on a greater level.

Now you can share limitless content without fear of time limits or absurd restrictions.

But first, check out our story below and discover how Sown On Purpose’s own show The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds sparked a quickly growing podcast network.


Our Podcast Story

The journey was not easy, but it was worth it!


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