Our Story

Sown on Purpose, LLC was birthed out of my need for business and brand congruency. You see, previously I started a marketing company called T.E.N Marketing, LLC in 2013. As time passed by, my heart longed for something else. Simply put, my love for multimedia and visual arts quickly overshadowed my joy of marketing.

The moment this occurred, I knew I had to listen to my heart and rebrand my business. After months of research, I stepped out on faith and named my business Sown On Purpose.

Sown On Purpose embodies my two favorite things: Visual arts and multimedia.

Think of it like this. Visual arts is what I express nonverbally and multimedia is what you see visually.

Thanks be to God and our stellar brand awareness strategies we are growing and quickly becoming a globally recognized custom apparel company.

The Educated Natural
The Educated Natural


We specialize in creating custom apparel and accessories for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and B2B companies. Additionally, we offer multimedia (livestreaming, podcasting, radio show…etc.) coaching and brand congruency training.

Our Core Values

We value people and their purpose given life. We believe that each person has the right to develop businesses that make this world a better place to live and grow. There is room enough at the top for all small business owners, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies alike. We encourage every person to strive for greatness by being an original creative and eliminating the need for copying others.

Our Mission & Vision


To help entrepreneurs and small business owners form brand congruency within every aspect of their business.


Our vision is to create custom designed products for global leaders that improve brand awareness.

CEO SPOTLIGHT: The Educated Natural

The Educated Natural

As a ground breaking trailblazer, Kimberly Collins The Educated Natural is the epitome of intentionality. Her name is often imitated in various marketplaces; but this powerful vessel can never be duplicated by anyone. There is only one true The Educated Natural and her name is Kimberly Collins. Everything Kimberly has accomplished has been due to divine order and purpose. From her global known name to her innovative creations, Kimberly is the one you look for when you are looking to build brand congruency based on the grounds of intentionality. Born with insatiable creativity and unmatched determination, Kimberly is on a mission to disrupt the norms of the custom apparel industry.

Since 2013 Kimberly has been a force to be reckoned within the visual arts and multimedia marketplaces. Kimberly has managed to create over 200 live radio shows, hundreds of YouTube videos, and graced stages in various venues all without a PR team. This goes to show that success is not reliant on a a large social following or a hired business team but on sheer intellectual mastery.

Embodying one of the most strategic masterplans, Kimberly is on a mission to eradicate brand dissonance from entrepreneurial business. Armed with an MBA degree, Kimberly is in a relentless pursuit to helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and B2B companies to create strong brand identity in their respective industries.

Who is Kimberly Collins The Educated Natural you may ask.

She is brilliant. She is resilient. She walks in power and authority.

She is the one that sowed the seeds God gave her and continues to share her bountiful harvest with others.

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