I am ready to help you become the become the powerhouse vessel     you were created to be!

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Hey there! I am Kimberly Collins also known as "The Educated Natural".

I am your mindset alchemist and personal development strategist. I specialize in awakening the power and purpose in Christian business professionals.

In even more detail...

I am a MBA graduate, US Army Veteran, wife, mother, transformation public speaker, podcaster, radio personality...etc. 

The main reason why I created a business tailored to ignite the fire that burns deep with every Christian business professional is due to a lack of clarity in the marketplace.

After numerous conversations, I noticed that a majority of Christian business owners had no idea what their purpose is or the impact this lack of knowledge was having on the stability of their business.

Many of them thought that the underlying reason they were losing money, contacts, business proposals, speaking opportunities...etc. was due to a lack of support. 

Believe it or not...support is not the issue.

The truth of the matter it is all about an individual's mindset.

As a educated woman that operates in faith, God has shown me exactly not only how to unlock the doors on the mind; but also how to lead the people of God through the journey of unprecedented power, position, and purpose. 

Now that I have discovered this, I just want to take the opportunity to share it with others. I also offer tons of free content to help you grow stronger in life, business, and spirituality.