Question: What is the name of the show?

Answer: The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds

Question: Is the show a live stream show or radio show?

Answer: In the beginning the show was a live stream and radio show. In November 2016 the show became a full radio show only.

Question: How long has the show been on air?

Answer: The show has been on the air since 2014.

Question: What are your demographics?

Answer: Our show is broadcast globally to 160 countries via radio. This gives the show a huge reach of access to a worldwide audience. For additional demographic information click here.

Question: What day and time is the show on air?

Answer: Beginning November 2016 the show is recorded live each Tuesday at 7:30pm EST. 

Question: What is the direct website links to the show?

Answer: To listen on website  To view previous livestream shows on YouTube click here

Question: If I miss the a show are replays available?

Answer: Yes; livestream shows click here. Radio shows click here.

Question: What is the purpose of the show?

Answer: The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds is a powerful inspirational radio show where influential leaders unite to discuss topics that are designed to aid our listeners through the quick sands of life onto the highways of divine purpose. Each show is uniquely created with the goal of helping our audience experience continual soul shifting transformations. Ultimately, The Journey A Meeting Of The Minds is the radio show where individuals listen and learn how to take their story and turn it into giving God the glory.

Question: How are the guest appearances conducted?


DIAL IN PHONE NUMBER: (701) 801-1220


Question: How can guest get on the show?

Answer: To be our featured guest click here.

Question: Are there any other ways to feature my products or services on your show?

Answer: Yes; you can create a commercial for your business and we will play it during the show. For more information about this option click here.

Question: How can I be a sponsor or advertise on the show?

Answer: To be a Sponsor click here. To Advertise click here.

Question: What are the associated costs to be a guest on the show?

Answer: All featured guest interviews are offered for FREE. However; shows that do not fall in this category do incur a financial cost to appear on the show. Contact us here for more information.