Welcome to Sown On Purpose! You have officially embarked on the journey towards up-leveling the bountiful harvest in your life and business. No more lonely stressful days or sleepless nights trying to figure out which strategies will provide you with business growth or life prosperity. We are here to help. Sown On Purpose is a renowned personal development consulting firm that teaches Christian business leaders how to rediscover their true power and purpose. This is the place to be if you are ready to live your best life and operate in undeniable excellence. Contact us if you are in need of services that pertain to the realms of business leadership, personal and professional development. We look forward helping you bring those inner seeds of success into fruition. 


Are you tired of spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast? 

Are you ready to call it quits in your life and/or business?


All this means is that you are in need of our state of the art...

Fruition Clarity Session

This FREE Clarity Session provides:

*Clarity of Purpose - "Identify your spiritual message"

*Clarity of Structure - "identify your role & abilities"

*Clarity Of Power - "identify your state of mindset"

*Clarity of Focus - "identify your target market"

*Clarity of Position - "identify where you belong"

Say good-bye to those unrelenting daily struggles that have been plaguing you for far to long. Contact Sown On Purpose today and get ready to find your light once again.